The Harmony Divide: Never Alone


Christine wakes up afraid and disoriented in a U.S. government laboratory with no knowledge of how she got there or who she is. Though physically she’s alone, she soon realizes there’s another voice in her head, one who calls herself Jenn. Jenn cautions Christine they are both in mortal danger from soldiers from another world attempting to breach a vault in the facility. Jenn says the vault has a weapon that must be protected or the world faces destruction.

Christine’s mind is the key to the vault. The code is locked away behind her own self-inflicted mental vault. Jenn tells her the only way to regain her memory, and the code is for Christine to experience Jenn’s memories before she can access her own.

Christine must work with her mysterious ally to uncover her past, recovering memories that might be better left forgotten before the soldiers access the vault. The mental journey takes them through love, trauma, and revelation. The physical journey takes them through fire, pain, and redemption.